WE've created leading second to serve as a resource for churches everywhere.

Through resources, coaching groups and events, we plan to do anything possible to help young ministry leaders everywhere live and lead in an UNCOMMON way.

 Inspire uncommon attitude.
 equip uncommon skill.
 coach uncommon wisdom.

lindsay stewart

Lindsay Stewart is confident that women can (and will) impact the Kingdom of God for generations to come. It’s her mission to challenge and champion, working to empower women in their own leadership calling. She’s got an encouraging yet no-nonsense style that shines through as she coaches women of all ages—from pastor’s wives to young mothers and leaders as they step into ministry.

brandon stewart

Brandon Stewart’s been firmly planted in the same local church his entire life. Is that crazy? Nah, it’s faithful. He isn’t moving because he truly, strongly believes that the local church is the hope of the world. And that’s a big deal. He knows that the Lord uses faithful people to move church forward. Brandon has been passionately building the church’s community impact over the years, serving on the leadership team of Champions Centre in Tacoma, Washington. He’s given his drive and his effort to the success of Team Church’s conference, to coaching groups of young leaders across the nation—and now to Leading Second.
We fiercely believe in the power and potential of a healthy local church.
  brandon + lindsay stewart

We couldn’t do this without a community of people who believe in the local church.

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