I am a leader, serving a vision bigger
than myself.

Leading Second is for church teams and young leaders who feel called to build the local church.

Equipping an engaged community of uncommon church builders.

Leading Second exists to develop healthy, vibrant leaders who are running strong for the Kingdom. Together, we’ll live and lead in an uncommon way, creating a dynamic culture in our churches. We’ll bring conversation to life about our struggles, our wins, and our purpose. We all signed up to build the Church — let’s get this right and run the race well.
------     running strong for the kingdom
-----------  I am an uncommon  church builder. I am leading second.                   
our creed.
i’m a christ follower, called to build the local church. i am a leader serving a vision bigger than myself. i champion the uncommon realm of honor, where my pastor’s vision is my vision. i own it. my personal success is second to my church’s success. i will die to self daily to see the church move forward. i stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before me and surrendered their lives. I Will do the same. i will give every ounce of my life to this work, with no regard for credit, positions or titles. i will leverage all of my influence for the cause of christ, to see his kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.I am an UNCOMMON church builder. I am LEADING SECOND.

Make our Creed yours

If our DNA resonates with you, sign the creed here and make it your own. Let’s live UNCOMMON together.

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