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We designed this online, video based teaching series to introduce new leaders to the world of leadership in church life.

Coming Early 2019!

In this online course, Leading Second takes your team members on a journey, looking at leadership from many different angles—leading up, leading on behalf of a pastor, and leading as a team.

Consider this the first step in your leadership development pipeline

What it Costs

This online course is available at no charge to you. Consider it our investment into your team running healthier and stronger for your vision.

How it works

This online course can be used one of two ways:
Individual Use
Through our online portal, a new leader can create an account and go through each session at their own pace, on their own time. After each session, they will answer questions and share their responses with the leader on your team sending them through this course. Our hope is that this creates an opportunity for discussion and development between new and seasoned leaders on your team. Once they’ve discussed the session with a leader, it’s on to the next session.

Team Use
Some teams prefer to take the online course together in a group setting. In that case, the video sessions can be downloaded for use in your next staff meetings.

Leading Second has events across North America throughout the year.

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