To My Pastor: I Am With You

By Ryan Creglow

I am with you.

Something that is easy to say, but underneath, requires action. If you are with somebody, when they move, you move. Are you prepared to move with your pastor?

Okay, maybe not physically move, but when your pastor wants to go in a direction that may bring you out of your comfort zone a little, are you still with them? What about when you’re asked to do something that you don’t love, are you with your pastors then? Or maybe you are on one of two sides of the coin. Either you’re overwhelmed with how much you’re being asked to do, or you feel like you’re not being used enough and could be doing more.

Still with your pastor?

If you were reading those questions and said, “yes, yes, and yes,” then you have connected to a pastor that you have found something in. Stay connected to whatever that is and in times of doubt, struggle, or offense, cling to that.

If you couldn’t answer yes to those questions, or maybe in those times of struggle or offense (cause they will come), you switch to a no, guess what?

It’s okay!!

The reality is that most of us live our lives between the “yes yes yes,” and the “no, not really”. Moments will come, and sometimes frequently, when that yes starts slipping to a no. There are going to be times when a little bit of excitement creeps in and turns that no to a yes. There are also plenty of times when we just feel blah. But “I am with you” is an attitude that requires action. 

The attitude to say, “even when I am not feeling it, even though I may be a little discouraged, and even though I may not see it this way, I am with you.” 

The action to find something in your pastor that you can take ownership of and go all in for. Something that when your pastor talks about, you can say with joy and confidence, “I am with you,” as you help take ground for the vision of your leader.

In 1 Timothy 5, Paul talks about honoring those who direct the affairs of the church. Actually, Paul says we are to give them double honor! Well,

honor without action, isn’t actually honor.

Honor is something that needs to be expressed or demonstrated.

So can you honor your pastor today by saying, “I am with you,” and truly be with them by putting action behind those words? I think we all can.

We’d love for you to join us in honoring our pastors this month for Pastor Appreciation Month. One way that you can do that is to save one of these images, write a post, tag your pastor, and give voice to your honor.


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