Walking Into the Room (Why Being a Culture Carrier Matters to Your Pastor)

“Watch how Pastor walks into the room…”

A moment with, and comment from, my Pastor’s wife forever etched into my soul. Just a  whisper, that became a leadership conviction for me. 

It was a simple moment, but still profound. What she was saying to me that day was this: Watch how your Pastor walks into a room and leads, because there will come a day where you walk into rooms to lead on his behalf.

I would argue that the single most important role for any church team member on the weekend is being a Culture Carrier.

No matter what room we step into, platform we stand on, meeting we lead, or conversation we have, we are representatives of our churches and Lead Pastors. We are ambassadors of their vision. We stand in moments that they never will, and how we represent them matters.  

I’ve never seen a job description that included the role of Culture Carrier and I’m not even sure our pastors would always have words to put around this thought. But I am convinced that if you pulled back the layers of your pastor’s expectations for you this week, it would be to represent the church well in every moment you’ve been entrusted to lead. 

Think about this:

This weekend, you will frame someone’s view of Christ and His Church. By your very words and actions, you will move your church’s vision forward, or set it back a notch.

I truly believe this demands our intentionality and focus. 

Fast-forward 10+ years, and I have the honor of stepping into rooms all over the world representing my Pastor. It was a dream I had for over 10 years before it became a reality. Why was I entrusted with this honor and responsibility? Because I learned early on the power of being a culture carrier. I think the greatest compliment that gets back to my pastor through our work is, “Brandon and Lindsay represent you so well.”

May this be our conviction always.


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